If you would like to provide your hotel guests with a unique sensory experience we provide a cost effective, hand-crafted hospitality range, using the finest ingredients and fynbos essential oils.

We have tried our best to be at least 30% cheaper than larger hospitality suppliers and manufacture everything ourselves. Unlike our naturals retail range we do have to add a preservative to increase shelf life, however there are still no parabens or mineral oil in our products and we use pure essential oils not artificial fragrances. We have made the range to match the naturals range so that if your guests enjoy using it in the room they can purchase the natural equivalent from our store, or you can stock it in your reception.All our products can be bought in 5lt and 10lt quantities making it a cost effective and eco-friendly option for guest houses and hotels. We have been using these products in our accommodation for 10 years now and people love them, it adds a unique South African feel to their stay. We are currently used by over 30 boutique hotels and guest houses, who have all given us positive feedback

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